Custom Digital Art

 Comercial Composite Recent Advertising Shot for a local gun shop. The focus of the ad was the hat with logo, the tactical vest and the custom-built rifle. Open area left open for custom text, etc.
 Sunset Fishin Fantasy Family Vacation composite. The two children were added into this fantasy scene to create a piece of family art as a souvenir of their Destin Beach vacation. Cost is session fee plus $500 for photoshop work. Prices will vary based on design.
 Original_Digital_Art Fantasy Family Vacation composite. Another young man inserted into this beach themed fantasy scene. Another great remembrance of a Destin Beach vacation. A unique add-on to your family’s beach portrait session. Fantasy Art for the birthday girl! A recent commission for a local family who wanted a piece for their daughter’s birthday.  Total cost including photo session $850.00
 Custom Photoshop Everyday Photoshop work. We do special request Photoshop work at the hourly rate of $250 an hour. This example took about 45 minutes.

Personal Work

May Flower

Lighting experiment

at at attack

Fish BaloonsThe Archangel Michael
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